Malaga motorists rack up €4 million of fines in 10 months

Two speed cameras claimed €4 million in fines in less than a year

LAST UPDATED: 8 Aug, 2015 @ 10:51

RADAR ROAD: Speed traps cost motorists millions

IN just 10 months, speeding motorists were fined over €4 million along a single stretch of road north of Malaga city.

The road has two speed traps that issued over 100,000 fines in the second half of 2014.

The fines often come in pairs, as many motorists are caught and fined by both radars.

According to the European Automobile Association, one of the two speed cameras — located between kilometres 134 and 140 — issues more fines than any other radar in Spain.

While the second radar found between kilometres 125 and 128, is fourth on that list.

Speeding fines often come as an unexpected expense to tourists who rent cars during their Spanish vacations.

In an extreme case, one 60-year-old Swedish tourist reportedly received 15 separate speeding fines of €100 each over a two-week period.


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  1. If this is the 80 km/h camera on a *downhill* stretch of motorway coming out of Malaga in the direction of Almeria it’s no surprise it’s collected so much revenue.

    The speed limit on that road seems to change every 100 metres from 120 to 80 and then 100 and then 120, and you spend more time looking out for sign-posts (and trying to avoid being fined) than you do concentrating on the road and other traffic & people braking all around you doing the same! What a crazy position for a safety camera, unless it’s there purely to collect fines.

  2. Jon, it is that one, around the El Palo area. Absolute nightmare with all the changes of speed limit. It is way more dangerous now than it was before the cameras. Some people don’t slow down, some do at the last minute, some way before and some slow to about 70 kph. Only in Spain……