Traffic accident hospitalises three Marbella policemen

One remains in intensive care, along with the driver of the car that struck the police van

LAST UPDATED: 20 Aug, 2015 @ 08:50

The collision hospitalised four, including three officers

THREE Marbella police officers have been hospitalised after their police van was struck at a road junction.

The driver of the other car reportedly ran a red light at about 7:50am on Sunday, August 16 and smashed into the police vehicle.

The three officers are in a stable condition at Costa del Sol Hospital, though one of them, who was driving the van, remains in the intensive care unit, along with the driver of the other car.

The officers suffered head and neck injuries, broken ribs and severe bruising.

The driver of the car has been detained for allegedly causing the accident and will face charges when he has recovered.


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