Ryanair makes quarter of income through added extras

Budget airline Ryanair makes 25% of its income from added extras

LAST UPDATED: 25 Sep, 2015 @ 17:45

THEY stopped short of charging you to use the toilet.

Ryanair made €1.70 billion in added extras

But budget airline Ryanair still makes a staggering 25% of its income from those added extras.

The company made a whopping €1.7 billion from baggage charges, booking fees and in-flight sales of food and beverages in 2014.

This is almost double the €745 million which came from extra fees in 2008.

Although seemingly high, low budget Hungarian airline Wizz Air and Jet2.com made an even higher proportion of their income on extras: 33.7% and 28.5% respectively.

On average, Ryanair makes €18.90 per traveller in extras while British Airways makes just €8.02.



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  1. Ryanair has a cute little “extra”. Unless one pays for a designated seat, it is only possible to book your boarding card seven days in advance. Otherwise, if your return is two weeks away, one is faced with the mither of printing your return boarding card off at an internet cafe or asking a friend with a computer to do it for you, halfway through your stay. Most people opt to pay the extra few quid to save the bother. Not quite blackmail, but a bit on the grey side…