Mother-of-two among two British women found dead in Costa Brava drowning

The two women from Birmingham have been identified

LAST UPDATED: 5 Oct, 2015 @ 18:15

Costa Brava resort
Lloret de Mar

THE two British women who drowned off the Costa Brava coast have been identified. 

Mother-of-two Lisa Coggins, 35 and Tracey Aston, 32, were found dead yesterday afternoon, after being swept away by 10ft waves in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The pair – both from Birmingham – had been among five friends who went to the beach during a raging storm, after a night out in Lloret de Mar.

Two of the group were swept off their feet as they posed for photos on the beach.

One managed to get out but a third went in to save her friend and both were tragically swept away.

Lazaro Alvarez, 50, a security worker at a beach bar, said he warned them not to go in the sea.

He said: “Two stripped off and went into the water. One was naked and the other one had removed her dress. I warned them it was dangerous as the waves were 10ft high.

“The other girls screamed to me to help them. I tried to get them out but it was too rough. I called the police when I saw there was nothing I could do. I am still in a state of shock.”


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  1. Does anyone have any sympathy for English drunks. I keep in touch with local news in the UK – Evening Argus and at least once a month, one or more drunks drown, normally in the early hours as in this incident and it’s always the same reason – drunkenness.