Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera TV debate wins record viewing figures

Podemos and Ciudadanos leaders tackle immigration, banks, corruption and Catalan independence ahead of general election

LAST UPDATED: 22 Oct, 2015 @ 11:13

AS Spain’s general election fever heats up, the leaders of Podemos and Ciudadanos have gone head-to-head in a live TV debate.

Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera’s face-off earned record viewing figures of 5.2 million – 25.2% of total viewing figures – for la Sexta news programme Salvados.

Ciudadanos and Podemos leaders
DEBATE: Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera face off

The debate, held in Barcelona bar Tio Cuco, covered unemployment, immigration, Catalan independence and corruption.

An El Diario poll showed 56% of viewers thought Iglesias won the debate, with 44% going for Rivera.

The young tyros are hoping to challenge Spain’s PSOE/PP duopoly when the country goes to the polls on December 20.

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  1. Now let’s have a similar debate between Rajoy and Sanchez (if they have the cojones) and see if THEY are found to be as interesting to so many people.