Monday, September 16, 2019
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Mariano Rajoy agrees to Ciudadanos’ anti-corruption plan in bid to remain Spain’s Prime Minister

Albert Rivera is confident that this move will be enough to avoid a third election

Everything you need to know about the Spanish election and how it will impact expats

With the Brexit referendum at the forefront of most people’s minds, the run-up to the Spanish general election has almost slipped under the radar

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Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy declares he 'owns no cars'

Ciudadanos agree to support PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez’s PM bid

Albert Rivera asks parties to join 'new transition' as he backs plan on constitutional reform

Spain’s political leaders go head-to-head in live general election debate

Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera attend El Pais general election debate but Mariano Rajoy is a no-show

Mariano Rajoy seeks consensus from Spanish leaders over terrorism response

Spanish prime minister seeks unified response over conflict in Syria

Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera TV debate wins record viewing figures

Podemos and Ciudadanos leaders tackle immigration, banks, corruption and Catalan independence ahead of general election

Citizens arrest for the PP

Mario Alegria takes a look at the problems Prime Minister Rajoy faces in run up to winter elections

Politicians strip off in campaigns to seem more ‘transparent’

The trailblazer in this bizarre stunt was no less than Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera

Ciudadanos leader says ‘change is unstoppable’ within Spanish politics

Ciudadanos leader, Albert Rivera, also rubbished comparisons with Podemos