Albert Rivera rueda de prensa sede e
Albert Rivera

CIUDADANOS leader Albert Rivera has resigned today after his centre-right party was almost wiped off the map in yesterday’s general election.

The C’s, as its known, only managed to pick up 10 seats, suffering at the hands of a resurgent Partido Popular and the arrival of far right Vox.

It was a staggering loss of 47 seats from the April 28 elections held earlier this year.

The party is reportedly meeting today on Calle Alcala in Madrid to analyse what went wrong.

Rivera called a meeting as soon as the results were known last night to decide the ‘future of the party’.

The PSOE won last night’s election with 120 seats, but it has a long and difficult road to forming a government.

It will need to collect 56 seats by joining forces with several other parties, or form a minority government and hope its right-wing rival Partido Popular will abstain in a confidence vote.

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