Sabores Del Mundo’s online service serves up taste of global cuisine

Olive Press readers are being offered fantastic discount

LAST UPDATED: 15 Dec, 2015 @ 21:06

DISCERNING diners yearning for a taste of home, or more exotic climes, will find their tastebuds tickled at Sabores Del Mundo.

With over 4,000 products from all over the world, Sabores Del Mundo online service caters for all types of gastronomic desires and, as its motto says, ‘we bring you the world on a platter’.

SABORES DEL MUNDO: Online food shopping to delight all tastes
SABORES DEL MUNDO: Online food shopping to delight all tastes

Founder Anmol Manghnani was raised in Spain, is of Indian origin and was educated in the UK and this multi-cultural background is reflected in its range of home cooking products.

Thirty per cent of the selection is British, but there are also a large variety of American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, South-East Asian, Chinese and Japanese goods.

Sabores Del Mundo’s culinary expertise has been serving up a treat to Spanish and Portuguese clients through its online site and Madrid retail space for four years.

And with free delivery for purchases over €39 – as well as a 12% discount for Olive Press readers using the discount code “OLIPRESS” – these deals are a thrill for your pocket as well as your palate.


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