SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Second exit poll shows Podemos winning up to 74 seats

PSOE set for worst results in Andalucia since democracy returned

LAST UPDATED: 20 Dec, 2015 @ 21:40

A SECOND exit poll has shown a slight drop in predicted seats for Podemos with the PP poised for their worst election result since 1989.

An Atresmedia poll shows the PP winning 121-124 seats with the PSOE second with 79-83 MPs.

POLL: Atresmedia shows Podemos with up to 74 seats
POLL: Atresmedia shows Podemos with up to 74 seats

Podemos would be poised to win 70-74 deputies and Ciudadanos 46-50.

Reporting for the Guardian, Giles Tremlett said: “Exit polls at Spanish elections are notoriously unreliable and even more difficult to predict when we have two new parties”.

In Andalucia, the PSOE has acheived by far its worse showing 28.6% of the vote, with 19-22 seats, according to TNS Demoscopia.

PP are just behind in the province, with 28.2% of the vote, but the same number of seats.

ANDALUCIA: PSOE seats down
ANDALUCIA: PSOE seats down

Podemos and Ciudadanos look set to secure between nine and 11 seats.





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