Spanish tomato sellers hit out at Morocco over EU quotas

LAST UPDATED: 4 Feb, 2016 @ 21:53

SPAIN’S fruit and veg sellers have blasted Morocco for flooding Europe with cheap tomatoes.

Tomato farmers see red
Tomato farmers see red

Trade export body FEPEX denounced Morocco at the European Commission for not respecting EU trade agreement limits.

According to EC data, Morocco exported 25,471 tonnes of tomatoes to the EU in the first two weeks of January, a 75% increase on the same period last year.

“This is causing serious damage to the sector,” say FEPEX, “and an irretrievable loss of income to tomato producers.”


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  1. “ an irretrievable loss of income to tomato producers.”
    and a commensurate gain to tomato consumers, who VASTLY outnumber the producers.
    If you follow those people’s logic we should only eat what we grow ourselves. Other people are evil, you know!