Manuela Carmena wants to rename Franco’s Valle de los Caidos

Madrid mayor proposes calling controversial site 'Valley of Peace'

LAST UPDATED: 1 Apr, 2016 @ 22:32

MADRID mayor Manuela Carmena wants to change the name of Franco’s controversial burial site Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen).

The radical leader has suggested calling the site Valle de la Paz (Valley of Peace).

CONTROVERSY: Carmena wants to erase name of Franco's burial spot
CONTROVERSY: Carmena wants to erase name of Franco’s burial spot

More than 30,000 people killed in the Spanish Civil War are buried at the site, with Republican families angered that their loved ones are buried alongside their enemy.

Carmena said: “We all agree that the site should remain. Nobody wants to dynamite it, but it would be correct to give it a new vision.

“The Valley of Peace would be a good name.”

The Madrid mayor also suggested changing the name of the city’s Franco-era memorial Arc of Triumph to the Arc of Democracy.



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