Long-term expats will not be able to vote in EU referendum, high court rules

There are an estimated 700,000 British expats that are not eligible for the vote

LAST UPDATED: 28 Apr, 2016 @ 15:19

BrexitBRITISH expats who have lived out of the UK for 15 years or more will have no right to vote, it has been decided.

The high court bid hoping to change the law preventing long-term expats from voting in the Brexit debate has been thrown out by judges.

But the two Britsh expats who launched the campaign will appeal directly to the Supreme Court in the UK.

With hundreds of thousands of British expats in Spain alone, the June 23 vote is a crucial one.

94-year-old expat Harry Shindler, in Italy, said: “I am disappointed and saddened that there are still people in democratic Britain fighting for the right to vote.”

The Second World War veteran and lawyer Jacquelyn MacLennan argued their rights under EU law were being breached.

Britain’s membership of the EU means they can freely live and work, own property and receive NHS-funded healthcare in Europe.

Three quarters of expats surveyed by Angloinfo said earlier this year they wished to stay in the EU.

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