Nicola Sturgeon announces second referendum bill on Scottish independence

The UK's decision to leave the EU has emboldened the Scottish independence campaign

LAST UPDATED: 13 Oct, 2016 @ 14:27

Nicola Sturgeon

LEADER of the Scottish Nationalist Party Nicola Sturgeon has announced formal plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

She told listeners at her party’s conference in Glasgow today that a referendum bill will be published next week.

The first vote saw some 55% of Scots say ‘no’ to independence on September 18 2014.

Sturgeon told delegates that the country had a right to seek something better if its prospects were unstable as a part of the UK.

She said: “I am determined that Scotland will have the ability to reconsider the question of independence and to do so before the UK leaves the EU – if that is necessary to protect our country’s interests.

“So, I can confirm today that the Independence Referendum Bill will be published for consultation next week.”

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has emboldened the Scottish independence campaign.

Some 62% of voters in Scotland chose to remain in EU in the June 23 vote, while the UK as a whole voted to leave by a margin on 52% to 48%.



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