PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Irishman arrested over Gary Hutch murder named as MGM Marbella man

Dubliner Ian Dixon, in his mid-20s, will appear in Fuengirola court today over the murder of Hutch

LAST UPDATED: 4 Nov, 2016 @ 15:02

Ian Dixon, Photo, copyright the Olive Press

AN Irishman with heavy connections to MGM Marbella has been arrested over the murder of Gary Hutch.

Dubliner Ian Dixon, in his mid-20s, will appear in Fuengirola court today over the murder of Hutch, in September 2015.

Dixon was detained during a major operation into the Kinahan clan by the Guardia Civil on Wednesday.

The murder of Hutch – the nephew of Irish crimelord Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch – sparked an ongoing war between the Costa del Sol-based Kinahan and Hutch clans.

Sources close to the case confirmed that Dixon was arrested in Estepona on Wednesday as part of a new operation into the Kinahans.

An Olive Press source close to Dixon confirmed that the Dubliner was ‘known for having a temper’.

“He is generally a shy, polite guy who is down to earth and up for a laugh,” the source said. “But when the red-mist descends, he is known flare up.

“On more than one occasion I heard him threaten people’s lives, openly saying he could ‘get them killed’.”

Dixon, who worked and trained at MGM Marbella on a regular basis, was known to drive a series of sports cars.

It is the second arrest on the Costa del Sol in connection to the murder of Hutch, following September’s detention of James Quinn – the nephew of Martin ‘the Viper’ Foley.

The exact charge is still unknown and a secrecy order has been placed on the case by the investigating judge.

Dixon is also a close friend of Aaron Bugler who was shot during the MGM Marbella weigh-in, in Dublin in an attempted hit on mob boss Daniel Kinahan.


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