More than 1,000 help reforesting efforts in La Linea after devastating fires in the summer

LAST UPDATED: 11 Nov, 2016 @ 07:41

Photograph by Olive Press reader Christopher Hughes
Photograph by Olive Press reader Christopher Hughes

SOME 1,500 people have helped to reforest Santa Margarita and La Alcaidesa following the devastating fires in July.

More than 20,000 seeds and dozens of trees have been planted after locals came armed with their own tools and specimens of seeds and plants.

Reaching a ‘level one’ alert, the early summer fire burnt hundreds of hectares of land and forced hundreds of people out of their homes.

Nearby Hotel Aldiana moved 425 guests, mostly German and British, to a sports centre in La Linea where they spent two nights while firefighters tackled the blaze.

Meanwhile, 180 people were evacuated from albergue Cortijo La Alcaidesa and taken to another sports centre in San Roque and dozens of homeowners followed suit.

Verdemar spokesman Alfredo Valencia has commended the effort of locals to help restore the area.

Photograph by Olive Press reader Phillip Wilson
Photograph by Olive Press reader Phillip Wilson

“They have exceeded all expectations,” he said. “We have had a huge impact on an environmental level, planting so much new green life while removing one ton of rubbish from the area.”


Alongside other groups, like SOS Sierra Carbonera, Verdemar members also visited schools and colleges to discuss the devastating impact of forest fires and how they can start.


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