Catalan region now 50/50 on independence from Spain as pro-independence camp loses ground

The pro-independence camp has lost ground since July

LAST UPDATED: 18 Nov, 2016 @ 17:45

catalanA CATALAN government opinion poll has shown that people in the region are evenly split over the question of seceding from Spain.

The Opinion Studies Center poll showed that 45.1% of those asked oppose independence while 44.9% favoured it, with the rest still unsure.

The figures mean the amount of people in favour of leaving Spain has dropped after the last poll in July gave the pro-independence camp a 47.7 – 42.4 lead.

The dip in support comes a year before the regional government has said it will begin breaking away from Madrid.

The survey interviewed 1,500 people between October 17 and November 3, with a 2.5% margin of error.


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