Cost of holidays to Spain soar by 9% as hotel bosses cash in on Brits seeking safer getaways

Greece has also seen a massive 40% surge in holiday bookings

LAST UPDATED: 10 Feb, 2017 @ 10:22

brits-are-back-in-benidormTHE cost of package holidays to Spain have increased by 9% as more and more holidaymakers avoid rival destinations amid terror attack fears.

Travel group Thomas Cook says a fall in demand for holidays to Turkey and Egypt due to safety concerns means a focus on selling ‘quality over cheap’ holidays has led to a price surge.

“A combination of hotel price inflation and increased air capacity has intensified competition for the Spanish Islands,” the group said.

“In this context, and consistent with our strategy, we have taken a deliberate decision to focus on higher margin, quality holidays, rather than chase volume growth.

“As a result, overall UK charter risk bookings are slightly behind last year’s levels, while pricing is up 9 per cent.”

Greece has also seen a massive 40% surge in holiday bookings.


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  1. Buoyed by the governments crack down on AirBNB, the hotels have reverted back to their cock sure monopolistic behaviour.

    Hopefully it wont last.

  2. If I turn up at Tommy Cooks with only a grand I’m my grubby fist, will they tell me to do one because I’m too poor for one of their classy packages?