A TEACHER in Spain has become an internet sensation after a video of him smashing a laptop in front of his students went viral. 

In a fit of rage, the Valencia-based teacher smashes the computer to pieces over what he perceived as a ‘lack of respect’ being shown by the student.

The teacher can be heard saying: “I am asking for a bit of effort. I am asking you for a bit of effort to learn this. We are taking 20 minutes to learn this, 20 f*****g minutes”.

It is assumed the school is fee-paying as the student, said to be called Dani Mateo, retorts: “I am paying for this, retard, am not I?”

The infuriated teacher responds: “What? How dare you say retarded? Perhaps you should stop even trying and do b****r all Dani Mateo, I cannot afford it otherwise.”

He then grabs a laptop and destroys it by smashing it against the desk several times.

It is not known if authorities have become involved.