leopard_2_-_spainSPAIN will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO mission which Russian officials have labelled a ‘threat’. 

The mission to ‘strengthen Latvian security’ will include a Spanish contingent of 350 troops, six tanks and a further 14-16 armoured vehicles.

This will be the first time Spain has sent  Leopard 2e tanks out of the country.

It comes after NATO members agreed on the ‘biggest reinforcement since the Cold War’ at a summit in Warsaw in July.

The mission has increased tension between Russia and the West.

“This deployment is, of course, a threat for us,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov, “the steps by NATO gravely increase the risk of incidents.”

The 1000-strong battalion based in Adazi will also include troops from Canada, Italy, Poland, Albania and Slovenia.


  1. Trump told Rajoy to put his hand in his pocket toward NATO expenses. This is the “jump to it” result.
    Russia as a consequence is terrified and will probably nuke Torremolinos. Not Marbs though, can’t disrupt the suntan of comrade Vladimir.

    • Not sure about that Stuart. I seem to remember in the first gulf war the Spanish were supposed to send 3 warships to the Gulf. One broke down before sailing and the other 2 en route.
      We also have a Spaniard on here who has changed his nickname to mine as previously people stopped answering his pathetic rants against everything non-Spanish.

  2. Bluemoon,your example is’nt one of cowardice but ineptitude. In the First Charge of the Machete when Spanish slaves began a rebellion, they virtually slaughtered an entire Spanish unit. As one Spanish soldier was heard to say ” it was’nt that they killed so many of us, it’s that they cut us down as if they were cutting sugar cane”.

    It’s as well to remember that Spanish armies tore their way through Europe in the middle ages. They conquered most of the Netherlands and controlled most of the southern Provinces for a long time. These provinces remained staunchly Catholic, as did the northern provinces remained staunchly Protestant. So much so that many Spanish words entered the Dutch language – the formal you in Dutch is ‘U’ a shortened version of ‘usted’ – not a lot of people know that.

  3. Let’s hope the UK collaborate with their nuclear subs.
    Oops, I forgot there is not even 1 (ONE) in service.
    “Royal Navy’s entire fleet of attack submarines out of action”
    And they did not even face 1 (ONE) enemy yet….LOL
    As they say, British + technology = monkey with machine gun.

  4. I seem to remember there was a new Spanish submarine that cost 2 billion euros and was too heavy. It would sink to the bottom of the seabed as soon as it was launched.

    Britain started this thing called the industrial revolution Pablo, and most of the important technological innovations were British. You have the knowledge of a small child. Why do you constantly embarrass yourself on here? Are you really that stupid?

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