Report by EU labels Andalucia the most corrupt region in Spain

It was followed by Galicia and the Canary Islands

LAST UPDATED: 10 Mar, 2017 @ 16:49

andaluciaaaaaTHE EU’s annual Regional Competitiveness Index has labelled Andalucia the most corrupt region in Spain.

The report assesses three major categories that determine the economic dynamism and institutional quality of each member state’s territorial divisions.

The report gave Andalucia a score of -0.51 in the corruption sub-category, the lowest of the 17 regions.

It was followed by Galicia and the Canary Islands, who received scores of -0.5 and -0.48 respectively.

La Rioja topped the list and was above the EU average with a score of 0.11.

It was followed by Murcia with 0.01 and Pais Vasco with -0.05.


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  1. First off, it´s not the region that is corrupt but the people. This people use democracy as a way of robbery. Franco wasn´t so misled after all.z