Homeless couple receive much needed financial help from Olive Press reader

Paul will put the money towards a deposit for a flat

LAST UPDATED: 29 Mar, 2017 @ 12:03

homeless-brits3A HOMELESS couple have received much needed financial help thanks to an Olive Press story.

Leslie and Paul Dunt, who were left sleeping between their car and a shed, have been offered 500 by good samaritan Joel Kennedy who read about their plight last issue.

Kennedy, who runs the Help the Homeless Costa del Sol Facebook page, said the money had been left over from a recent group fundraiser.

Paul will put the money towards a deposit for a flat, which they are in the process of looking for.

Good samaritan Paul
Good samaritan Paul

“If it wasn’t for groups like this and people like Joel, we wouldn’t be as close to finding anywhere,” said Paul.

“We are very grateful to Joel and his group for their generosity and support.”


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