Barbecues forbidden as fire ban comes into effect across Andalucia

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jun, 2017 @ 12:30

THE annual fire ban has come into effect across Andalucia and will remain in place until at least mid-October. 

No fire is to be used in any fields in the region and all vehicles are forbidden from driving through forest areas.

Barbecues are forbidden anywhere within 400 metres of a forest.

They are only to be allowed in tourist establishments, rural restaurants and educational camps and you must have authorisation from Environmental delegations.

The ban is an attempt to reduce the risk of forest fires, which can prove devastating.

The burning of vegetation or agricultural waste is also forbidden.

Authorities have vowed to monitor areas to ensure the rules are being followed.




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  1. Again another rule that sounds strong but which has no relevance in daily life of Andalucia. Who has never seen cars being driven through forests or farmers on the fields who burn their agticultural waste between June and October? Who has ever heard about a barbecue within a private urbanisation which has been authorized by an environmental delegation in advance or where someone previously has measured the distance to the nearest forest?
    It seems to me that Spanish rules are designed by Don Quijote himself!