EXCLUSIVE: Group of British expats cuffed over alleged timeshare fraud operation

The group were spread from Mijas to Axarquia

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jun, 2017 @ 13:04

A DOZEN expats have been arrested over an alleged multi-million euro timeshare fraud.

The group, who were spread across Mijas to Axarquia, are said to have been raking in €100,000 a week from the scheme, which allegedly involved laundering money from scams through an admin office in a village in Axarquia.

North Londoner Howard Capelli and son Jack are said to have begun the scam after the former was handed a tax bill of a cool €1 million.

Top Benalmadena lawyer Christian López  is also alleged to be involved.

All 12 members were arrested after a dawn raid which saw vehicles, computers and credit card machines seized by a team of police and sniffer dogs.

Most of the gang have since been released on bail.

If you’ve been a victim of the group or a similar operation, contact [email protected]




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