Vote in the Olive Press Brexit anniversary poll

LAST UPDATED: 23 Jun, 2017 @ 09:40

A YEAR on from the historic referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, we want to hear our readers’ thoughts on Brexit.

Have your views changed, stayed the same, or are you now as confused as ever?

Let us know by voting in our Brexit anniversary poll.

The results will be released in our next issue.

Has your opinion on Brexit changed?
If Brexit has to occur, should the UK opt for a hard or soft Brexit?
Do you think there should be another referendum on the UK's membership of the EU?
Do you have confidence in Theresa May to deliver the right Brexit for the UK?
Are you considering returning to the UK following the Brexit vote?



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  1. Do not people not realise that to save the NHS and to stop immigration are mutually exclusive?
    The NHS will have to try, probably unsucessfully, to recruit from India, Pakistan, China.The Philipines and such like to avoid the collapse of the NHS

  2. Not quite relevant to the article JR, though true. Another angle to your point, is the language test for health workers, which has just disqualified an Australian specialist who actually failed the English test.
    Doesn’t bode well for any foreign workers in that area.