British man arrested in Mallorca after allegedly trying to throw girlfriend from balcony

Two more British men arrested in separate incident after fight

LAST UPDATED: 4 Jul, 2017 @ 09:44

AN Englishman has been arrested in Mallorca after allegedly trying to throw his partner from a fourth-floor hotel balcony.

Policia Local officers in Arenal were called to the hotel after reports of a fight.

It is alleged the arrested man, 23, hit his girlfriend, 23, and

ARREST: Brit held by police in Arenal

grabbed her by the neck before trying to hurl her from the balcony.


Other hotel clients, responding to the woman’s cries are believed to have remonstrated with the man.

According to eyewitnesses reported in Cronica Balear, the woman tried to escape from the hotel room and made her way to the hotel reception on Calle Trencadors, from where the emergency services were called.

Officers went to the room and arrested the man, who allegedly tried to attack the police, and who appeared to be under the effects of drink or drugs.

The woman is believed to have suffered numerous injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

In a separate incident, two Englishmen were arrested after attacking a 43-year-old man, leaving him with severe injuries.


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