The Ronda plantation

POLICIA Nacional have uncovered a marijuana plantation in Ronda.

The crop contained 1,275 plants and was found hidden in a vegetable garden, enclosed by a wire mesh perimieter 1.5 metres high.

The investigation began at the beginning of this month after a tip off from local citizens, who told police there were rumours of a plantation on a farm in Ronda.

Investigators soon located a plot in Nador lane on Espejo Haza de Laura farm.

A strong smell of marijuana emanated from the plot.

The agents verified that the property was rented and occupied by a single resident, who was in charge of guarding and taking care of the crop.

During a raid, police found a plantation with 1,275 plants ‘of great size’ and several sacks containing dried cannabis ready for distribution.

A dog, cats, sheep and chickens in a state of neglect and malnutrition were also found.

The animals were attended to by the Green Patrol of the Local Police of Ronda.