King of Spain joins yacht crew ahead of Mallorca’s Copa del Rey MAPFRE regatta

"To victory!" says King Felipe as sailors gather in Palma

LAST UPDATED: 31 Jul, 2017 @ 17:35

THE King of Spain has boarded his yacht as he prepares for Mallorca’s Copa Del Rey MAPFRE sailing regatta.

King Felipe joined the crew of Aifos at Palma’s Royal Nautical Club for the 36th edition of the prestigious race.

PLAIN SAILING: King of Spain at Copa del Rey

Dressed in a white t-shirt and blue shorts, the monarch was greeted by the club’s head, Javier Sanz.

“Hello. To victory!” King Felipe said to volunteers working at the event.

The king’s Corel 45 sail boat is taking part in the ORC 1 class, where it came 12th out of 38 participants last year.

He spent the weekend practising on the yacht, which he first sailed in 1996.

Altogether, some 2,000 sailors on 138 boats are taking part in this year’s Copa Del Rey MAPFRE, the biggest in the event’s history.




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