Mallorca heatwave continues with scorching temperatures hitting 40 C

Weather alerts issued as thousands of tourists prepare to fly to Balearic Islands

LAST UPDATED: 4 Aug, 2017 @ 11:05

MALLORCA is continuing to bake as temperatures hit up to 40 C again this week.

The Balearic island has been on orange alert as the mercury soars to 39 C in the centre and south.

HEATWAVE: Beachgoers sizzle at Porta Alcudia PHOTO GRAHAM WILDING

Humidity on Thursday reached 30% in the centre of Mallorca.

According to the meteorological centre of Palma University, the temperature topped 41 C on Thursday.

Palma Airport saw the heat rise to a sweltering 39.9 C as hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive on what is tipped to be one of the busiest ever weekends as Son Sant Joan.

Thursday also saw a record power surge as roasting islanders blasted their air conditioning and fans to cool off.

At 21.20,some 1.321 MW of electricity was used, beating the previous record of 1.297 MW set on Wednesday.



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