PP slams Town Hall over plans to knock down Francoist monument sa Feixina

Plans to knock down nationalist monument are 'anti-democratic', say PP

LAST UPDATED: 26 Aug, 2017 @ 13:03

THE PP has accused Palma Town Hall of acting ‘anti-democratically’ over its proposed demolition of pro-Franco monument sa Feixina.

‘ANTI-DEMOCRATIC’: PP hits out at Sa Feixina demolition plans

It comes after a court ordered a halt to the plans to knock down the controversial Palma monument, a decision Palma mayor Antoni Noguera said ‘carries no argument’.

The Official College of Architects in the Balearics has come out in support of the PP, rejecting a report filed by architects proposing sa Feixina be destroyed.

“The obsession of the government to knock down sa Feixina, whatever it costs, is anti-democratic,” said PP official Lourdes Bosch.

“They don’t want to have a consultancy on this question, because they are scared the majority of people will be against its demolition.”

In July, a law was passed to demolish the site, which commemorates nationalist dead from the Civil War.


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