Row brewing over night flights from Palma de Mallorca airport

Airline leaders hit back after politicians lodge complaint to Madrid

LAST UPDATED: 27 Aug, 2017 @ 11:33

NIGHT flights could be banned from Mallorca after Palma Town Hall lodged a formal complaint to Madrid.

Neus Truyol, councillor for the environment, has written to Spain’s minister for development demanding action over noisy flights from 11pm to 6am.

Truyol said Son Sant Joan airport had become ‘an important focus of the impact on the environment and citizens’ quality of life’.

“Politics must involve the reduction of pressure on people, sustainability and a decrease in the current situation that the city and all the island requires,” wrote Truyol.

But airline bosses have criticised the suggestion, saying it will hit connecting flights.

“This will affect airline connections and will harm the business and industrial fabric of the island,” said Felipe Navio from the Spanish Association of Airline Companies (AECA).

Truyol has also called for airport authority AENA to cut noise and light pollution as well as the introduction of a noise monitor for trouble spots.


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