Thursday, 22 June, 2017

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The setbacks comes as she is still attempting to secure a deal with the Northern Irish DUP

The actor had pulled out of the project after ‘humiliating treatment’

There were more beds available in so-called ‘tourist apartments’ i.e. Airbnb accommodation, than in hotels last year

Despite having no experience of the hospitality trade, they decided to convert a run-down watermill in rural Ronda into a small hotel

It comes after a 44.8% boost in prosecco production between 2014 and 2016

The Pride March this year beat records both in terms of floats and people

Popular has come into trouble due to mounting risky property loans

Two-thirds of Spanish arms sales went to EU members or NATO partners

It comes after ten years of negotiations

Various hotel chain representatives met and presented refurbishment projects

One case alone saw a €958,000 payout, plus interest

It comes after the UK was outgrowing Germany, Japan and even the US before the Brexit vote last June

The budget should be adopted by the end of June

European countries have benefited from the taxable revenue that a legalised online gaming industry provides, with Spain a providing a prominent example

Martinez claims official reports show that the track was illegally rented back to the town hall

There have been numerous celebrity guests, such as Jamie Oliver, while current Lib Dem leader Tim Farron even had his honeymoon there

In Europe, the issue of Brexit has been a source of drama and uncertainty for almost a year now

PASSENGERS spend more on duty free at Malaga Airport than any other in Spain. Around 16.6 million people passed through the airport last year,...

The fraud is linked to pension funds and is often aimed at expat investors in Europe

Dozens of expats complained they had paid his company thousands of euros for work that was never finished

Spain’s top two divisions would be generating almost €20 billion

It comes after Spanish departures increased by 6.4% in the last year

They claim they were forced to work more than three times the hours in their contracts

AVIA has announced a review of the incident

The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

The diverse region became the backdrop to 1,336 films during 2016, the highest amount in 10 years


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