Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Spain’s wealthy class on the rise

Spain’s upper class grew by 10% in 2014

Alan Sugar’s bank account exceeds £1 billion after Marbella pad sale

Marbella property magnate Alan Sugar’s bank account has broke the £1 billion mark for the first time

Child poverty rises in Andalucia

The number of children living in poverty in Spain has grown by 8% since the economic crisis began in 2008

Europe’s super-rich may be even wealthier than official figures suggest

Economists blame tax havens and the inability to gain better access

New Spanish poverty map reveals grim reality behind official stats

Ground-breaking poverty research takes into account the cost of living

Spain’s rich/poor divide is biggest in Europe

The top fifth of Spanish society are seven and a half times richer than the bottom fifth

Spain’s rich are getting richer

Wealth divide in Spain is now bigger than the UK

The 20 billion euro man

The head of Zara has just entered the world’s Top Ten thanks to new online stores

Billion-euro babe

Zara heiress started life stocking shelves in her father's store


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