7 Feb, 2008 @ 12:50
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Mayor in political bribe probe


“Great abuse of democracy” as mayor faces jail term

THE mayor who dismissed a council employee for not voting for his political party faces more than a year behind bars.

Francisco Fermín García, the Partido Popular leader of Molvízar, was charged with bribery after the Supreme Court of Andalcuía decided to prosecute.

As reported in the Olive Press (“Sacked” for not voting PP, issue 25) council locksmith Carlos Jiménez claims he was sacked after he refused to vote for the PP in last May’s local elections.

Jiménez alleges the mayor asked him, his wife and his son to record their votes by post, ensuring it was in favour of the right wing party.

When he refused, Jiménez claims he was dismissed from the post he had held since 2000.

The leader of the Granada office of the PP has refused to suspend the mayor of the Costa Tropicla town, instead claiming “worse things have happened.”

A spokesman for the Granada office of the PSOE party claimed the alleged political bribery a “one of the greatest abuses of democracy.”

García, who faces a jail term of 15 months if found guilty, has denied any wrongdoing and dismissed calls for his resignation.

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