David BeckhamHE certainly knows how to ham it up on the celebrity circuit.

But now David Beckham has proved his total love of ham full stop.

After the recent friendly in Sevilla – in which England’s second highest capped player was one of the few plus points for his team – he naturally went shopping.

But rather than go to all the usual designer shops – such as Vittorio y Luccino, where his wife often shopped – he headed off to a local deli to buy an Iberian ham.

According to an Olive Press source in Sevilla, he was seen the following day walking through the city with a leg of acorn-fed jamon iberico to take back to Italy.

“I didn’t get a chance to see what make it was, but it had the classic black hoof or pata negra,”
said the source.

Perhaps the Andalucian authorities really should have splashed out on Becks, as they had intended back in 2004, when he first came to play for Real Madrid.

At the time, a Junta spokesman admitted that they were in talks with his representatives and that he would have been ideal to promote the area.

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