26 Nov, 2009 @ 12:47
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BNP boss in fascist riot

BNP leader Nick Griffin was special guest at a fascist rally that ended in a riot.

Racist Griffin – whose party would encourage sportsmen such as boxer Amir Khan and footballer Rio Ferdinand to leave the UK – was a special guest at the Madrid event celebrating the death of former dictator General Franco.

Police were on high alert in the capital as Franco supporters from party Democracia Nacional marched through the streets to commemorate the dictator’s death on November 20 1975.

In total, 28 protesters were arrested when riots broke out between youths from the rival ultra-right Patriotic Socialist Movement when they were refused entry to the event.

Spanish fascists traditionally gather at the Valle de los Caidos basilica on the outskirts of Madrid to pay homage to Franco. The monument took 19 years of forced labour by Republican prisoners to build.

But since the law of Historical Memory was passed in 2007, political demonstrations have been banned at the monument.

A BNP spokesperson confirmed that Griffin had attended a political meeting in Madrid.

His mother-in-law Muriel Cook, 72, has described him as a “work-shy pretender” and “a racist”, who wants to see an all-white UK.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. What a load of bollocks! The truth is Sir Nick Griffin attended a meeting of European Nationalist Partys. Neo Nazi groups opposed to moderate Parties such as the BNP tried to violently disrupt the meeting and Sir Nick never attended Franco’s tomb at all.
    You lefties are a bunch of middle class snobs who fantasise about being revolutionaries when infact your Marxist policies have stitched the white working class up right over in this country. If you want to live in a cross between the Congo and Pakistan, why don’t you just get lost and live there yourself.

    • This reply has only been approved after extensive editing. The Olive Press wants to make it clear that we do not have a political stance but we do detest any form of racism. We fear that the above comment is the view shared by the majority who support the BNP and, given the email Margaret has used, it has come from the very heart of the party.
      Feel free to respond to her with your own comments.

  2. The riot was against Mr. Griffin who the extremists accuse of selling out as he reforms his party, ditches all the old clause 4 style baggage of the past, and brings together a party of black and white loyal British people, who will challenge the One-Party-State corrupt liberal elites, end multicultural balkanisation, Islamisation and mass immigration and bring Britain’s sovereignty back from Europe.

    If the link does not work just type ‘thoughtly’ into your youtube search.

  3. We are fighting the same battle against the illegal immigration in America. You at least have the progressive BNP, whereas there is so much corruption in America–We are stuck with only two parties-the Democrats and Republicans. The Dem’s want more illegal immigration, so they can acquire more votes and the GOP goal is for more impoverished cheap labor for the millions of pariah businesses. I’m an Independent (populist), so the legal population comes first. America is spending $$ BILLIONS & BILLIONS $$ of dollars on foreign nationals. The US Census bureau have stated by 2050 that if Comprehensive Immigration Reform passes into law our population will explode to 435 million more people. We give them free education, free health care that even poverty-stricken citizens have to fight for? “Anchor babies” of Mothers who intentionally come as tourists or slip across the Southern or northern border receive instant citizenship for their children and then collect government benefits, including low income housing.

    In America illegal aliens get priority over seniors, single Mother, our sick and handicapped, veterans and hundreds of thousands of legal homeless populace . You can thank your lucky stars for the BNP, because for all there previous innocuous historical issues, they are fighting for you? I was borne in England before the terrible introduction to the Common Market. Now the indigenous British people are fighting for there very culture and heritage. Now the United Kingdom is being overpopulated with 62 million people crowding the small island. My sisters family who are the descendants of labor as they have been for decades, have now offered their loyalty to the British National Party. While the business consortium’s get rich over discount workers from poorer countries in the European Union, the English/British are being starved of their rights. America as in the British Islands an industrialized Europe has been overwhelmed by the Globalists, whose agenda is the unfettered flow of cheap labor. RULE BRITTANIA!

  4. Daves says “the progressive BNP”……. excuse me whilst I roll about laughing, that is tooooooo funny!!

    The hate speaking, regressive, racist BNP have NOTHING to offer either the UK or Spain.

    As for migration, legal or illegal, it will only get worse as the divide between rich and poor countries is exacerbated by the effects of climate change. Human beings have migrated to try and improve their lives, since they first evolved. They ain’t goin’ to stop cause someone drew some borders.

  5. I accept that Daves probably knows more about the issue of immigraion in the States than I do, but perhaps he can explain why he, born in England but living in America and therefore an immigrant there, is any different to the people he complains about who have immigrated legally into the UK?

  6. Jon, You are quite right to allow the racist BNP supporters to post a reply to your article. Their paranoid, conspiracy theorist view of the world, together with their inability to say anything without lying, condemns them.

    Margaret Wilson lies in the second sentence, calling Nick Griffin a “Sir”. He may be a man of the night, but he is not knighted!

    Thoughtly say… “a party of black and white loyal British people”, but black people have been forbidden to join the BNP. I would be interested to know if any black and Asian people would want to join such a racist party!

    They have no solutions to offer for any of societies problems, only communal strife (and perhaps riots).

  7. Goodness me Bob (and Jon Clarke)!!! Who’s getting all hissy and nasty, not to mention very bitchy about Nick Griffin and the BNP? And that photograph of Nick…it’s the one taken in London months back from another incident altogether surely? Better hope nobody ever plays that one on you! As for what Nick Griffin’s mother-in-law says about him, well, that’s mothers-in-law for you. Wonder what Gordon Brown’s mother-in-law has to say about him, or David Cameron’s, come to that? Going to bother finding out, or are they too dangerous to annoy? Why don’t you do your research properly, and do what 15 million others did after the “Question Time” farce? Go onto the BNP website and check it out?? For the record, if you apply to join the BNP, you will NOT be asked your colour, or even religion. All you need to be is British. Over 15 million people already know that – except that some stupid eurocrats have made sure that Indigenous Brits not only do not exist, but cannot vote for anyone other than who Brussels wants them to vote for. The more you tarts try to trash Nick Griffin and the BNP, the more Indigenous Brits love ’em – not that it will make any difference. They are already outnumbered by people who rely on the taxpayers dollar to survive. IF labour gets back, it will be becase of the amount of immigrants and dossers who rely on handouts, and for no other reason.

  8. By the way, Bob Clarke, you would only need to “moderate” my email if I used bad language and it was over-long. Neither is true of my submission. Be careful not to overstep the ‘freedom of speech’ laws here. As a university graduate, I happen to know them very well.

  9. Jennifer says:
    “if you apply to join the BNP, you will NOT be asked your colour, or even religion.”

    Because that would be illegal! However the BNP constitution clearly does discriminate, illegally, on colour and they are being forced to change it.

    “….do what 15 million others did after the “Question Time” farce? Go onto the BNP website and check it out??”

    I rest my case. Another lie! Even the BNP don’t claim 15 million visits. There is no evidence for this. Many visits are by people like myself, who visit to collect evidence of their hate speak!

    Question Time was a farce and the joker was Nick Griffin. His lies and hate speak don’t stand up to scrutiny by a questioning public.

    Finally Jennifer, (a clever graduate person), tries to threaten the editor, with nonsense about the freedom of speech laws. Unfortunately she can’t even get his name correct!

  10. your comment is delightful jennifer…. as one would expect of a university graduate… that of margaret was not… unless you like phrases such as “nigger lover”, etc… we naturally edited out such hate language…
    thanks for your support bob, and dont worry we also know about freedom of speech and support the concept to the hilt!

  11. To be absolutely clear about the matter, the only thing you moderated in my first comment was my use of the fuck word on 2 occassions….ie fuck off and fucked over. I’m very sorry as I’m sure you are lovely charming people. Have a lovely Christmas. Margaret xxxx

  12. If I am the Margaret that you are refering to, you know perfectly well that I used no racist language whatsoever in my comment let alone abuse of the type you have just mentioned above. Either you are talking about some other Margaret or you are making up stories. I am not even a BNP member let alone “in the heart of the party” as you suggested. I linked the website so that people can visit it if they so wish. I don’t expect you to print this, but on a personal note from me to you, I know that the press can twist the truth etc, but your slandering me and the blatent lies you have written have really taken me by surprise.

  13. Nick Griffin is a very brave man, he stands up for what he believes in and talks down to earth sense.
    If its crap dont vote for him, its as simple as that. Lets hear what he has to say then we are able to make up our own minds. Dont be fooled by what others say he is saying, hear it from his own mouth.
    The BNP web site doesnt appear racist to me and I am begining to believe its all made up by people against them.
    I went to the site, all they want is Briton to keep its identity, thats not racist that is it?
    The problem is its too late now to change.
    I hope they jolly well get in and Nick becomes primeminister

  14. If you believe that all the BNP want is for Britain to keep its identity that you have sadly missed the BNP’s point. Identity is not the issue its concerned with, it is the treatment of all its citizens and claims that some citizens should have less rights than others. Johnny Regae’s point that he stands up for what he believes in is plainly not true. His comments to the wider community are seen to be passive and generally confused and yet his “in party” comments are clearly not, these comments are much darker. Britain’s Identity has always changed and is very different to the Britain of 1609,1709,1809 and 1909.

    By all means make up your own mind on supporting his party but be aware what he is proffering to the public is not what the party wants you “joe public” to actually get. The party wants something much darker for the UK. You may feel this true of all political parties but its only the BNP who uses a racial background as an argument for change.

    And of course if we pull out of the EU as the BNP plans too, a Million plus brits will be on the boats and planes back to blighty because they will have lost the right to live and work in europe.

  15. As I surf the web and poke my head down holes to see what lives there I, like Bernard Levin before me, cannot resist giving the pot a stir as I pass it by.
    I signed up to the Blood and Honour Nazi-Skinhead organization to see what makes them tick but was thrown out for being offensive. This has to be another first for Britain and an achievement even by my standards.

  16. Jennifer
    December 1st, 2009 6:53 pm

    By the way, Bob Clarke, you would only need to “moderate” my email if I used bad language and it was over-long. Neither is true of my submission. Be careful not to overstep the ‘freedom of speech’ laws here. As a university graduate, I happen to know them very

    You and I have two things in common: we are both immigrants to Spain and both University graduates.
    But…you are a bigot and I am not.

  17. I don’t know about Jennifer but I am a right racist fascist racist nazi fascist racist bigot and very proud of it! Travelled most of the world to experience other people and cultures purely so that I can feel superior to them; a bit like you twats do with white working class people you pompous middle class liberal twats.

  18. Ed: You have incorrectly ascribed a message on the 18th of December to me. I did not leave that message. Your site is obviously not secure. To whoever violated my right to privacy – you are to be pitied for having nothing better to do with your time. To The Olive Press newspaper readers – BEWARE! Your security and privacy are under threat as we speak.

  19. Praguepix:It took you 16 days to respond – slow for a university graduate! Let me remind you that if you are going to quote people you must use inverted commas to indicate that it is their words you are using, and not your own. Also, you call me a “bigot”, but do not have the courtesy to explain why you think so. At least I was honest and open with my opinion, and did not try to gain points with cheap shots at others who do not subscribe to my views. I take it you are Left Wing? I won’t use the current colloquial term for them as a matter of courtesy. More than they would do for me you must admit.

  20. Nick Griffin is a fascist. Spain has suffered appallingly under fascism – those of you who support him would do well to learn something about the history of your adopted country.

    If you want Britain for the ¨British” then good luck to you – but what are you doing here?

    BTW, thanks among other things to our colonial past, there is no such thing as racially pure English.

  21. As with so many threads on the OP website, this one has degenerated into abuse and name-calling! Such a shame, as this issue is crucially important for the future not just of the UK or Spain, but of Europe too.

    The last two posts, by Yerma and Gwilym Rhys-Jones, highlight a crucial point about fascism and should serve as a stern warning to all. That Franco and his henchmen did little good for Spain is abundantly clear. The alacrity with which his name and memory are being erased from the urban landscape and his activities during and after that terrible Civil War 70 odd years ago discredited is enough proof of this.

    I believe in freedom of speech and so do most Spaniards (after all, they were denied it for a generation). None of us would deny the BNP’s right to exist, but we need to be v-e-r-y careful not to get hoodwinked by their sinister overtures, since, quite honestly, they are nothing more than a gang of racist thugs in suits.

  22. To see the real truth about rape take a look at the Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005. (Go to the linked document, and under “Victims and Offenders” download the pdf file for 2005) In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while less? than ten black females? were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man
    Every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped by a black man

  23. Margaret This comment string has gone off subject somewhat. Strangely I thought we we talking about the BNP and Spain. If you cannot stay on subject take your views elsewhere where they may actually care “tuppence” about rednecks, guns and racial intolerance US style. Yes rape is bad and should be dealt with in the US, but its nothing to do with the subject matter

    You are a very sad lady whom I’m sure has something to say but this is wrong place for you.

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