A JEREZ councillor has told English tourists to stay home.

In an astonishing rant tourism councillor Juan Manuel Garcia Bermudez blasted the English who do “nothing apart from drink all day long”.

Bermudes, 53, also raged that he was only interested in tourism that “enriched the area”.

“We certainly don’t want the English who come over on their cheap flights and do nothing apart from drink all day long.”

The PSOE politician’s bewildering outburst will come as a blow to Andalucia tourist chiefs who have identified English tourism as crucial in overcoming the downturn.

“We certainly don’t want the English who come over on their cheap flights and do nothing apart from drink all day long,” criticised Bermudez.

“I want to make it clear that we only want tourism that will enrich the area.”

Bermudez had earlier been speaking about the need to further support local tourism so that “this economic motor can create jobs by 2011”.

The PSOE politician’s English wish could be granted after it emerged that pay talks between air traffic controllers and the Spanish airport authority broke down.

The failure to reach an agreement before March 31 – when the current pay deal expires – could throw the travel plans of Britons heading to Spain into chaos.

Spain is still recovering from a 16 per cent drop in tourism last year.



  2. Peoples names some times attach them selves to events like the word Boycott after Captain Boycott. From now on I will always think of insane ranting posts as Schofields. So Nick you have made an impression but not the one perhaps you had in mind.

  3. Schofield, do you live in a mental home. I did not read al of your drivel, gave up after a few lines.

    Of all the comments, I liked the one about plastic chairs, that hit the nail on the head. They want culture with their plastic chairs and the yhave this useless don’t care attitude service.

    A lot of the Spanish are arrogant, very racist and they have macho corrupt politicians. Carry on reaping what you sow. Spain is in a mess and the politicians are doing nothing to sort it out, they are only making it worse. Get rid of that Mr Bean Prime minister and get someone else in, they could not mess it up much more. I have some Spanish friends so there are about 5% that are OK.

  4. I lived in Spain for most of my teenage years and also frequently travel back to the house we still own there. Over the years I made many Spanish friends, many of whom did not like the ‘English’, and with good reason. Now when they talk about the ‘English’ they are talking about the likes of the yobs who go to Benidorm and other similar places who expect to not integrate with Spanish culture or even attempt to speak basic Spanish when in a bar, they are the people they hate. Can you blame them? Its a disgrace some of the English who go to Spain. They dont try eating Spanish cruisine and dont make any effort with the culture. Most Spanish love a good drink but not to the point where you cannot even stand up or are throwing up. Its those types of ‘people’ (if you can call them that), that they do not like and are what Bermudez is talking about. They make the effort to try to speak English in England and even to tourists in their own country. What efforts are made in the UK to accomodate tourists? The poople who have come into our country and want to live here and not speak a word of English they are like tourists in Spain, basicallt they shouldnt be there.

  5. Luke, I don’t like drunks who act aggressively and I find them very boring and I try to avoid them. I do like a drink myself. However, if you think we have some sort of monopoly on drunkenness I would say you need to travel a bit more. Being 64 I have and I can tell you there are a lot of nations where you will find extreme drunkenness. I guess the worst sort is the drunken racist, personally I find the drunks boring but racist intolerable. It is never a good idea to condemn a whole race of people because of the antics of a few.

  6. This article is nearly 4 years old. I think they’d welcome drunken British tourists these days. Shame that people remember a few British drunken louts over the vast majority of ‘normal’ tourists who are VITAL to Spain’s coastal economy.

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