A CONSUMER watchdog group is aiming to expose Spain’s worst businesses.

FACUA intends to highlight the abuses harming the country’s consumers.

The group also wants to uncover the worst business practices and most-hated advertisements around Spain.

A frontrunner for a prize could already be mobile phone company Movistar, which has just been exposed for slapping on an illegal surcharge.

It unfairly punishes customers who choose not to pay their bill by standing order with a 2.32 euro fine.

Spain’s worst companies can be nominated at www.facua.org/lapeorempresa . The losers will be revealed on March 15, appropriately World Consumer Day.

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  1. Telefonica is the worst company in Spain and seeing the money they spend on marketing at sports events worlwide ( F1, Moto GP for example)makes me want to scream. They should invest the money in customer services – not sure they know what it even means.

  2. Vodafone are hands down winners on this one! Prices and service etc. aren´t bad but when you get a problem or something…..try phoning customer services! Nightmare, they transfer you from person to person because they can´t be bothered to resolve your problem until finally you get to someone who hangs up the phone in your face!

    Also Wayup Inmobiliaria in Valencia deserve an honourable mention here, literally tried to rob me blind on one occasion and completely break the law, NEVER touch these guys with a bargepole.

    Happy to provide information to anybody unfortunate enough to be dealing with them.

  3. I vote for Vodafone too. Having dealt with them previously I can concur with Jake; these fools have “customer service” that is designed to delay, obfuscate and lie on purpose.

    A truly awful company that needs to be avoided at ALL costs. They hang up on you, lose documents, and even denied I talked to certain people, even though I record all the calls! They are much worse than Telefonica – do not use them for any contractual service – you have been warned.

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