ENGLISH tourists are welcome in Jerez, honest.

After a controversial outburst, tourism boss Juan Manuel Bermudez has moved to assure English holidaymakers that they are still wanted.

Following his remarks that the English “do nothing apart from drink all day” Bermudez has now admitted that this is not the case.

I regret what has happened,” apologised Bermudez. “I would like to make clear our firm commitment to promote the town in the UK.

“By highlighting the importance of quality tourism I do not want to criticize British tourism.”

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  1. I told my parents about Señor Bermudez’s original comments as they had planned to visit Jerez next month for 5 days with 4 friends. Now my parents are decent people who drink within moderation, look for culture and dine out everynight. i’m sure they would of had a wonderful time in the beautiful Jerez and Puerto Santa Maria but now are going to Granada.

  2. fred, you dont give up do you… despite one of our readers posting the exact words (on the first story) and also showing how the Spanish papers reported it, you still come out with this Cr** about your chum bermudez!

    he may not have meant it (um!) but he DID say it, which is why he is apologising.

    come on Fred, move on to another stream!


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