24 May, 2010 @ 16:54
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Saved by skin of teeth

MUTILATED Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio has come out of intensive care

The health of Aparicio – gruesomely gored in the throat at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring – is said to be “evolving favourably”.

A statement released by the October 12th Hospital also confirmed that the matador’s condition is now “less serious”.

Spectators watched in horror last Friday as Aparicio lost his footing before the half-ton bull’s horn pierced his throat and broke through his mouth.

The 41-year-old, from Sevilla, managed to regain his footing to stumble out of the ring and collapse.

Aparicio required two operations to fix a punctured tongue and fractured jaw bone.

His father, also called Julio, said: “’It was a serious goring. Almost his entire mouth was destroyed.”

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. As an American of Spanish descent, I hope this barbaric event ends. The amount of animal cruelty is completely unnecessary. Yes, the matador’s injuries are unfortunate. However, if I were being killed, I would stab him right in the throat as well. He had these injuries coming.

  2. What an incredible image. Whilst having sympathy for this guy’s family, it is somehow nice to see the tables turned for a change. There was a deplorable
    incident in Alhaurin where a group of drunken youths beat a young bull to death … and everyone seems surprised. To the yobs, what was the difference between their barbarity and the show they watched earlier? There’s really no place for this ‘sport’ in 2010.

  3. The bullfight is art not a sport.

    The bullfighter is the only artist who risk his life for his work. The problem with you British is you try to banish death from society with your prepacked Marks and Spencer chicken and your Enid Blyton story of talking aminals in wasitcoats. In Spain we honour the death and respect him!!!

  4. Yeah, real art … beating a bull to death in Alhaurin was ‘modern art’ I suppose?
    It’s time the Spanish realised how out-of-touch they are with the rest of the civilised world, and banned this barbaric act. Art lifts the soul and advances the human race … this doesn’t meet the criteria.

  5. It is is you out of touch with nature my freind. You do not like to see the bull killed then do not watch but enjoy your macdonalds as they civilise our cities.

  6. Yeah, you’re right … that’s why the rest of the civilised world agrees with you!
    I reckon bullfighting might take off in other countries soon. Like bear-bating.
    Get real – you are hundreds of years behind! Why have all the foreigners here got abandoned dogs to save and look after? Have the locals been respecting them too??

    PS I’m a vegetarian as it happens.

  7. you have money and want to feed dogs then feed them. you have places where you take them for dinner and eat foxes.
    you british robbed the world of its riches. you do not now what it like to be poor to have no food. in spain we have near deathr all the time. is why we have the bulls. you never understandf our way.

  8. Yeah, you’re right again. Such a clever man! The British robbed the world, whilst the Spanish merely took their charity to South America to help the people there. Maybe I should go back to college so I could become as knowledgeable of history as you.

    Of course we’ll never understand your way of thinking … and thank god for that!!

    PS Never eaten a fox in my life, and neither has anyone else I know. Idiot!!

  9. Why was the Alhaurin bull story taken down? I have a strong stomach for most things but seeing those animals attack those bulls was truely shocking and brought My wife (South American) to tears. When bring the video clip to the attention of my Spanish staff they seemed to think nothing of it and found it amusing that the crowd couldnt kill the bull and it took a collision to do so. I stated i found it barbaric and they said they had all seen thing s simmular and one saying i should go a Fiesta in Barcelona where they set the bull alight when its alive to run the streets or another when they throw an animal (a turkey i think) from a church tower.

    Pancho you need to get a life as Bull fighting is not art and to use that as an excuse is week. If you want we can put you in a boxing ring with a prizefighter who will exchange his boxing gloves for knifes. Of course he will toy with you as he leds you to a slow death while playing up to the cheers of his friends and family, dont worry you will die with honour and respect which we will then call art.

  10. You thik no is art the bullfight but you watch the formula uno – why – because you like car go fast or becuase someone may die. you like this becuase you have care for people and think what happen when they die. we like to know to but you think no is polite. in spain we have day of death we go to see our dead people. you have trick or treat and cook chocolate. no have respect for god or for death. I wish i explain more the question but it is imposivle.

  11. I have to agree Pancho. When ‘our’ people die we celebrate with chocolate treats, and then we play bingo and eat fried fox. You know a lot about ‘our’ culture, you are clearly very well travelled.
    I’d like to discuss “respect for god” but I’m off to watch some motor racing now in the hope all the drivers die!
    It is always nice to have an intelligent debate, so gracias …

  12. Pancho you really are a fool and seem so stupid i actually questioned if you are for real? Formula one is a sport where no one has been killed for years. In the UK the sport is very popular and is watched by people who like formula one unlike here in Spain where you only watch it if Alonso is winning or maybe you watch it on the off chance someone will get killed (with honour of course).

    go back and read your Bible as i’m sure you’ll find the answers as God is doing such a good job and i’m sure he thinks killing bulls in the name of art is just fantastic

  13. Fred .. Karl said it hadn’t and gave a link, BUT it doesn’t appear for anyone else to find does it? I’m wondering why as well … after all, according to our mutual friend Pancho, there’s nothing for anyone to be ashamed of. Perhaps it was such a ‘normal’ occurence, it’s no longer considered news-worthy?

  14. I think the image is bad for Spain and attracts negative comments, and quite rightly so as well, since it’s a disgusting act. It will be banned soon; public opinion is falling for this activity.

  15. “The bullfighter is the only artist who risk his life for his work” – Pancho, this “artist” who you talk about, what a “creation” he makes after his “underlings” have already damaged the bull with torment and pain. No wonder the bull fights back, sadly even if they “win” they are still destroyed….I don’t see how this relates to nature at all!! Culture is something we have in every race but barbarianism in the form of animal cruelty is outdated and obscene. Time for Spain to change!!!

  16. @ pancho .. if you want to say its a sport , all sports i watch have equal sides ! 11 v 11 , 2v 2 , 1v1 etc,etc so why in in this so called sport does it need 3 people on horrses (example) to tire the bull out, then the matadore comes in and then kills a tired bull , well in this case TRY…but failed , so i have an idea , put the matadore in with the bull from the start…..only after the matador has run the london marathon , then lets see the outcome , if the bull wins then retire the bull to a feild for the rest off his life , and put the matadore on mcdonalds menu , MATABURGER …with cheese mmmmmm.

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