IF the town of Morella in Castellon is famous for one thing, that is unmistakably its castle.

Crowning and looming over the municipality like a watchful sentry, the fortress has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC by a succession of settlers who have all left their imprint on the site.

From Romans, Iberians, Moslems and finally the Christian troops of legendary King Jaume I, the walls have witnessed such historical figures as El Cid and Benedict 13th – the famous ‘antipope’ who lent his name to Peñiscola castle.

In order to preserve the invaluable structure and its surroundings, international award-winning architectural firm Carquero Arquitectura have just completed an overhaul of the site to consolidate and restore numerous key structural parts of the areas known as Sant Francesc and La Pardala.

Walls have been reinforced, drainage has been improved, decorative elements have been introduced using materials that blend in with the original architecture, and masonry has been restored, among other work.

The project has been financed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture with €1.5 million.


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