A LOCAL official just couldn’t ignore his “creative impulse”.

For the deputy mayor of Torre del Mar, Manuel Rincon, decided to paint a large Jackson-Pollock-style mural on the town hall wall.

Titled Menos hablar y mas bogar (Less talking and more rowing), the abstract work shows two oars superimposed over the face of a boy.

Rincon explained that the oars represented the sea-faring economy of Torre del Mar.

He added that the red and blue used in the painting showed the town’s two major parties and the colour fusion hinted at the need to “paddle together”.

However, Rincon has received criticism for his artistic impulse.

One critic said: “Rincon is insulting dozens of true artists in the city, who dedicate their lives to art but often do not have a place to exhibit their work.”

Rincon has since apologised for his elaborate political point insisting that the building’s wall was the perfect outlet to vent his opinion


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