THE third largest place of worship in the world is a Cathedral turned Mosque turned Cathedral in Córdoba.

A few weeks ago, we took a day and saw the famous Mezquita.

It has a really interesting, extremely lengthy history of conquering and reclamation by Muslims then Christians during different historical periods in Spain.

 It began in the sixth century as the main Catholic Church in the city of Córdoba.

When the Moors conquered Córdoba in 711, the church came under their rule and was destroyed and turned into a mosque.

Córdoba was the largest city in their domain and enjoyed a large population and many public amenities for centuries.
However, in 1236, King Ferdinand III reclaimed Córdoba – and their places of worship – for Christianity, and the Mosque underwent numerous additions and reconstructions throughout the years, returning to its Catholic roots.

It is an incredible structure.

The archways, fortress-like walls, historical artifacts and shrines to the Virgin and dozens of Saints contribute to the grandeur only found in a place of worship.

Despite the fact that it is full of tourists following tour guides speaking English, German, French or Spanish, all flashing their cameras at every pause, it is a marvelous way to spend a day.

At 8 €, the entrance fee is a small price to pay to witness a piece of history so impressive.


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