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Huelva home to the best-preserved rural mosque in Spain

BUILT on the site of a fifth-century Visigoth basilica, the Almonaster Mosque in Huelva, is one of few surviving rural mosques in Spain, considered the...

Man gets charged with hate crime after foul tirade at an Islamic wedding in a Costa Blanca mosque in...

AN Elche man has been arrested on hate crime charges after gate-crashing an Islamic wedding and threatening attendees. He punched one of the congregation members...

Shots fired at mosque in Spain

A PANIC was caused outside a mosque in Spain yesterday after a mystery man fired four shots before speeding off.  The attack happened during dawn...

The Great Mosque of Córdoba

OP blogger Luke Andres says 'if you don't visit it, you're mad!'

Far-right militant group sets off flares at Madrid mosque

"Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?"

Should we reinstate Jerez’s oldest mosque?

OP blogger Luke Andrews reports that last week students gave respect to their Muslim heritage, posing questions about its place in modern Spanish society

Malaysian expats urged to chip in for Sevilla Mosque

President Abu Zahar has urged Malays to financially support the project

Andalucia battles Church move to strike ‘Mosque’ from Cordoba Cathedral title

Andalucia’s Tourist Board refuses to accept the Catholic Church's decision to change Cordoba's iconic Mosque-Cathedral's title

Barcelona’s last bull-ring to become first mosque

Qatari Emir to build largest mosque outside Mecca, Medina

Ham-azing Aracena!

There are no cinemas, beaches and Chinese takeaways, but it’s ham heaven in the rolling mountain region of Aracena that few have heard of and even less visit, discovers Jon Clarke

One eye on Mecca – Almonastar la Real mezquita

It is one of the few surviving Spanish mosques to have stood the test of time

Clicking cameras in Córdoba

Hannah visits the Mezquita in the World Heritage city of Córdoba

What’s in a name?

The Bishop of Cordoba wants to rename the city’s mosque, or ‘Mezquita’ as a cathedral

Let’s cheer for Cordoba

Cordoba makes the last six in the race to be European Capital of Culture 2016

Holy war outside Cordoba’s former Great Mosque

Muslim prayers breach ancient Catholic ban, sparking a fracas




Tortoises, rabbits and frogs released in Gibraltar nature reserve as part of ‘rewilding’ project

SIX adult tortoises, wild rabbits and Iberian water frogs have become new residents of Gibraltar after being released into the wild after being extinct...


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