20 Nov, 2010 @ 08:42
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For Kate, the wait is over

I’VE HAD a smug grin on my face ever since I heard the news that Prince William and the gorgeous Kate Middleton are finally tying the knot, after eight years together.

A fantastic Royal wedding will do us the world of good, and hopefully reinstate a bit of community spirit and happiness into the homeland. Of course, many are already arguing about who will be paying for the big day, but if I’m honest, they’re probably the same people who are asking why the UK government should be bailing out Ireland. But let’s not get into that. Hopefully the Prime Minister’s idea of a bank holiday to celebrate the wedding will quieten the naysayers for a bit.

I’m not an avid royalist and I don’t follow their comings and goings in celebrity magazines, so I will confess to not having known much about poor old Waity Katie before this week. I knew she existed, I don’t live in some black hole after all, but other than that, she was just a name to me.

ITV’s Tom Bradby had the honour of conducting the interview and boy, does he seem to have been bathing the limelight ever since. I’ve quite gone off him, but apparently it was at the happy couple’s request that he led the scoop so we’ll let him off.

Presumably Kate, or Catherine as we will now be calling her, received some media training prior to the big announcement. On the whole, she came across as a poised and confident young woman, relaxed in her relationship with the Prince. It was only towards the end of the interview that she appeared to become a little unstuck. But who wouldn’t find it a bit awkward answering questions about how to fill Diana’s shoes and how she felt meeting the Prince’s grandma. How do you think she felt? The grandma in question wasn’t exactly going to be sat quietly knitting in the corner of the room, offering to make everybody sandwiches and a nice piece of cake!

You would think that these were the very questions she would have been trained to answer. It’s what everybody is going to want to know for a long time to come. I’m sure she’ll get used to these breeches of private thought and actions. Already she’s been papped coming out of Westminster Abbey, after presumably giving the place the once over and checking the date she wanted was available. As if anyone would dare say no!

So now the bookies are content, taking bets on wedding dates, dress designers and potential venues; the potteries in the Midlands are recruiting extra staff to make plates, cups and commemorative ashtrays; and London hotels and restaurants are preparing for boom time, hanging out the bunting and getting ready to handle the flood of extra reservations coming their way. It’s a shame it’s too late for Woolies – apparently they were so confident of a royal wedding announcement four years ago that they produced enough commemorative mugs to fill a landfill site.

Perhaps my secret smile is because I too have spent a long time in a relationship that hasn’t yet developed into marriage. Although I have to say it didn’t bother me until recently, the idea now quite appeals. However, a message to the significant other – no giant sapphires for me please. I would get bored wearing navy clothes to match it all the time. Just diamonds will do nicely!

Charlotte Hanson

Copywriter, content writer, proofreader, feature writer and blogger enjoying life near the beach in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain with my other half and our beloved labrador, Bailey. We live a fairly uncomplicated life revolving around work and walking, oh and me trying to be a domesticated goddess.


  1. “A fantastic Royal wedding will do us the world of good”

    How will spending 20m of taxpayers money do anyone a world of good? Can’t they use a registry office?

    “I too have spent a long time in a relationship that hasn’t yet developed into marriage”

    Perhaps he’s trying to tell you something lol.

  2. You’re absolutely right “Fred”. He’s probably trying to tell me that I could do better.

    Recent reports have commented that the Royals are aware that spending a lot of the taxpayers’ money will not go down well with Joe Public and as such the taxpayer will probably have to pay for security while the family will pay for the celebration with their private monies. At least they are taking a step in the right direction.

  3. Don’t worry about Waity not knowing what to say to the press, a royal cavalcade of PR coaches and spin dox is now descending on the poor girl and will dog her heels for the rest of her natural life… Soon she will be effectively moulded into an upstanding mouthpiece of the establishment, and play her part of Royal Clone with perfection,

    Shame, cos she seemed like a nice girl…

  4. To the sad joyless Freds of this world, perhaps it should also be mentioned that Britain’s Royals together with the colourful pageantry and tradition generate billions of revenue in tourism. It fills hotels, sells souvenirs and creates employment (for those who have the desire to work. I for one would much prefer the Britain with Royal Family that we have, which incidentally is the envy of many countries to a monotonously grey republic.

  5. I wish those Hanoverians would go back to where they belong.
    Remember when they arrived they were to all intent potless – now where do you think all that wealth came from that makes that sour faced old German woman one of the richest in the world – that’s right from smucks who thinks she’s marvellous.

    If my mother’s family the Stuarts had not been Catholic, those Hanoverians would still be living in cold boring Hanover and still nearly potless.

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