A TRIO of policemen and two lawyers have been arrested in a series of huge drugs crackdowns around Spain.

The group, who all worked for the Guardia Civil, were arrested after 1,400kilos of marijuana was seized in Marbella.

In a separate operation police seized six speed boats, 65 top of the range vehicles and 5.5 million euros in Operation ‘Guadaña in western Spain.

A total of 65 people were arrested for moving cocaine in shipments of apples.

The majority of the arrests were made in Madrid and Galicia although 15 others were arrested in Argentina.

Meanwhile a Briton has been arrested after turning his luxury seaside villa into a huge marijuana plantation.

Police estimate around 170,000 euros was spent on turning the basement of the detached chalet into a high-tech drug laboratory.

When police raided the four-bed Benalmádena villa they found 900 plants up to two metres high.

In a fourth incident in under a week, a Dutch-registered boat carrying 20 kilos of hashish was intercepted off Cadiz.

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  1. Yes Gurizano they were. As Marcelo has tried to tell us countless times foreigners are responsible for all of spains ills. Gibraltarians are foreigners ergo they are responsible. You can’t argue with his logic, he won’t listen, so you just have to get used to it.

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