WELL, it’s that time of year again up here in the mountains. As the Winter draws in and the strong winds infiltrate the gaps in our ill-fitting windows and doors, turning our old house into an ice-box, it’s time to see about ordering logs for the fire! But, what to do? Our regular supplier has packed in!

For the last few years, we’ve bought logs from Paco, delivered to the door in a dupe, at a very reasonable 50€ a load, about half a ton. Towards the end of last Winter he’d run out, so we bought a dupe-load from the only other local supplier. That cost us a steep 70€ and it was rubbish! Soaking wet and poor quality. It was virtually impossible to ignite!

This year we have discovered that Paco has given up the log business altogether. Not wanting to buy more extortionately priced schrott from the now monopoly log supplier in the village, we decided to look for an alternative source.

We’ve ended up collecting our own from Fernando in Ronda – I have a large van, so that was no problem. A price-busting 40€ for a similar quantity and dry as a bone! Plus a free sack of off-cuts to use as kindling.

Only problem is how to get the logs from the van up to the house, as there is no vehicular access unless you have a very slim 4-wheel-drive or your own dupe.  Frau W came up with a great idea – use a wheelbarrow!

Well, as I write, puffing heavily, I’ve not long since pushed two barrows-full the 200km uphill to the house!  And they still have to be schlepped upstairs to the log store. Well, the living room and fire are on the first floor – we’re upside-down dwellers.

Was it such a great idea, then?  Of course – it’s going to keep me fit and help me shed some weight (isn’t it?)

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  1. We had a similar problem until last year when we finally found someone who sells coal (carbon mineral), all our normal “sources” either didn’t understand or decided we didn’t know what we where taking about so would never get around to ordering it. A 35kg sack lasts all year as its not that cold for long and we have reduced the amount of wood we burn by at least a half.

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