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Year of decision beckons for Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez

Is Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez enjoying a New Year's Day glass of cava as he mulls calling an early General Election in 2022? The leader...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: The bell ringing is the sound of happiness and good cheer

By Benny Davis SOME readers may have read my `retirement´ announcement in a previous Olive Press issue. Nearly 90 now and suffering from cancer, it...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the 80-something ramblings of an expat in Spain

When I was young, 'online' meant pegging your washing out to dry. Never thought that one day this innocent household word would signify the demise...

Holiday lets? It will never pay.

Before I start, I have a confession. I can't spell accommodation, centre, calender, programe, which as a Landlord, is a worry. And I have...

Scream if you wanna go faster…

MOVING to Spain brings its fair share of challenges; whether it's learning the language or finding out how to dispose of your dirty cooking...

Humid not hot!

If the mosquitoes haven't gotten to you this summer, then the heat will have

A wonderful world

In an act of true brotherly love, Manni Coe has set up an inspirational blog for his brother who has Down Syndrome

Welcome to my world: Expat plans to launch blog for brother with Down Syndrome

The blog will come directly from Reuben Coe, 31, and share his rich imagination

Language fraud abroad

Like a baby, you learn to mimic emotions to give the illusion that you understand more than you do. This can also lead to embarrassment, writes OP blogger Sarah Simone

The move to Malaga – a “child’s” view

New Olive Press blogger introduces herself with an article on making the move from London to Malaga

What’s your story? Flamenco glory

Each person has their own unique series of events that have transformed their dream of living in Andalucia into a real life Spanish odyssey

To be or not to be a Guiri, that is the question

My name is Mary and I am a Guiri. There, I´ve said it now, it´s out there in the open, but it´s something I´ve been fighting for the last two and half years

Please don’t call me a bl***er

As I blog less than once a week does that make me verbally constipated?

Spain’s very own Banksy

Josh Taylor documents works by mystery street artist ‘El Nino de las Pinturas’, who has spent years brightening up Granada’s white walls

Blog, fog and smog

The Fog Index (or Gunning Fog Index) is a measure of how readable a piece of text is

Log blog!

Time to get that log fire burning. But where to get good logs at a decent price? Paul Whitelock ponders the dilemma as his regular supplier gives up

A birds-eye view

It should, of course, come easy for a bird, and now a family of Egyptian vultures are the latest group to start Twittering... as well as allowing cameras into their private lives!

Living the High Life

Surviving Spain at 1,500 metres. A new Olive Press blog on life in Spain's highest village





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