FOR the 10 months or so that I have been lucky enough to call this mesmeric city home, I have been gripped with one unswerving fascination: Graffiti.

Granada’s walls are coated in it.

Some attempts, admittedly, are either of a shoddy or unremarkable standard, but a handsome percentage is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

There are, I’m sure, hundreds of would-be-artists claiming credit for some of the city’s most famed pieces, but most of the stop-and-stare stuff can be attributed to just one man: El Nino de las Pinturas.

A Spanish version of the UK’s legendary Banksy, this guy is a proper legend in his own right.

For years now, he has been smearing Granada’s previously dull-white walls with his signature handiwork.

Some pieces have featured in art magazines, documentaries and are now concrete tourist attractions (no pun intended).

The best part is, he remains a mystery… Well, perhaps not among locals.

But for us ‘guiris’, the legend’s true identity seems to remain infinitely anonymous.

A friend of mine was adamant she knew the luminary’s identity, but after one terribly embarrassing conversation in a pub, she discovered the chap in question was actually an ice-cream vendor.

I considered it not only a resident’s duty, but a wholly gratifying experience to wander Granada’s streets and capture a selection of the legendary artist’s most stunning efforts for you to enjoy.

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