Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Malaga’s ‘Banksy’ attracts world attention replicating masterpieces on the streets of Spain and Europe

DISSONANCE: Cabanding says he likes the 'conflict' of fine art and grotty streets A MALAGA artist is proving...

Is this the first Banksy in Spain?

RESIDENTS of a small town in Spain have woken up to what they believe is the country's first Banksy.  The wall in Ferrol de Coruña,...

Spanish artist MVIN creates massive mosaic

Will this be worth as much as a Banksy one day?

‘Damien Hirst stole Banksy from me’ claims maverick British artist

A MAVERICK Andalucia-based British artist claims to be the ‘real Banksy’.  Londoner Michael Shurman claims he created the globally-known graffiti persona over a decade ago,...

EXCLUSIVE: “I’m the real Banksy,” claims British artist hiding out in Spain

British artist claims ‘wealthy and powerful members of Britain’s art circle’ stole Banksy from him

Mystery Casares mural artists reveal themselves as German art circle

German art trio Innerfields lay claim to the Banksy-esque artwork

Could this be a Banksy in Andalucia?

Spotted by Olive Press reader and multimedia artist Jane Jewson on the road from Casares to Gaucin, two lifelike soldiers in battle dress square up to each other on the side of a ruined building

Spanish street artist making a name for himself around Europe

Known only as Pejac, his poetic art has been popping up all over European cities

Spain’s very own Banksy

Josh Taylor documents works by mystery street artist ‘El Nino de las Pinturas’, who has spent years brightening up Granada’s white walls

Graffiti: Art or vandalism?

No other form of art has ever divided people so strongly

Has Banksy been monkeying in Gibraltar?

Could this image of a monkey be a real Banksy?