Photo Olive Press/ Jane Jewson
Photo Olive Press/ Jane Jewson

THE identity of the mystery Casares painter can be revealed.

Not a Banksy after all, the inspiring artwork on an abandoned farmhouse between Casares and Gaucin was created by German art circle Innerfields.

Last issue, sharped-eyed Olive Press reader and multimedia artist Jane Jewson, 55, spotted the evocative image and raised the question “Is this a Banksy?”

The political undertones – of the soldiers bearing numbers 09 and 11 – certainly pointed to the Bristol-based artist.

But the true artists got in touch with the Olive Press to lay claim to their work.

“We did this work together,” Innerfields’ Jakob Bardou told the Olive Press. “We love remote places and the idea was to find a location which could be anywhere in the world.

“The piece is called ‘Abseits’, which means ‘offside’ in English.

“It relates to the game of war and football. A game without a winner.”

Bardou confirmed that the mural is the first Innerfields piece in Spain, but added that the art group is looking for further locations to leave their mark.

For the last decade, the trio of German artists has dedicated itself to treating every wall ‘like one of its children’.


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